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2014-11-10 Update: Still working on the website. Decided to take a different route and will load more entertaining videos (and more enjoyable for me to edit) rather than screen capture stuff. D.

2014-10-15 Update: Some backroom work is being carried out on the forum. No entries please as the location is still being set up/arranged. D.

2014-10-12 Update: Menu display has been edited. Image added to drop the displayed page lower, allowing for banner placements and it helps with Nav info display. D.

2014-10-11 Update: This site is undergoing a major revamp/change and bits are being added daily. Today, the new look Nav bar has been tested/added with links to one page that has 107 video links! The videos will be added asap. I have also altered/tested the design for updating the Nav and such. Quite a bit of scripting involved. There is a video gallery with a few videos in place, again more to add in due course. The pop-up videos in the Navigation/Tutorial section scripting I did a few days ago appears to work fine and will be used on other pages (same style). There is a small(BIG) display issue in Navigation/Tutorial, I'll get around to fixing the Nav & background display next. D.

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